Pediatric & Vision Services

Pediatric Eye Care

With 8 children of his own, Dr. Green is ready and happy to see your little ones up through your teens and young adults. Making sure your children’s eyes are working together properly and seeing clearly is something Dr. Green enjoys doing. Many problems children face in academics can be averted with proper eye care and training. Something as simple as reading glasses can help some children to succeed in school.

Vision Therapy

Dr. Green does some limited Vision Therapy in his office. If you need extensive vision therapy, you will be referred to a practice that is equipped for all your needs. Evaluations can be done by Dr. Green office to see if such may be needed.

Things to watch for in someone needing vision therapy could be:

  • Turning their head to look at something with one eye
  • Closing one eye to see something
  • Closing both eyes when something is thrown at them
  • A wandering eye
  • Headaches
  • Eyes ache or feel tired when reading
  • Struggling to doing school work
  • Feeling sleepy when doing close work